About Royal Oak Gym

Every member of the Royal Oak Gym enjoys all of the benefits and amenities of the gym. Full locker rooms with showers and dry saunas are available. Private lockers can be used on a daily basis or rented on a monthly basis for a minimal fee. Complimentary towel service is offered to all members. A tanning bed is available for the use of all members at no additional cost. Free WIFI dedicated to the members is available for streaming music and media during your workout.

The Royal Oak Gym also offers a complete line of pre and post workout drinks to support your fitness goals. A large assortment of gym and workout clothing is available for your selection.

What we offer

  • On-site personal training
  • The most expansive strength training equipment in Metro Detroit
    • 5 squat racks
    • 3 Olympic lifting platforms
    • Specialty bench, squat, and deadlift bars
    • Bottomless bowls of chalk
    • Dumbbells that go up to 195 pounds
  • Strongman equipment unlike anywhere else
    • Atlas stones, farmer’s walk, yolk walk and a log press
  • A wide range of cardiovascular equipment to suit everybody
  • Fully stocked fridge of pre/post-workout drinks
  • A large selection of protein bars & snacks

Meet our trainers

Art Little

Art Little is our head trainer.   Art is an ISSA certified personal trainer.  He specializes in strength training and powerlifting.  His training philosophy is simple – to build strength through weightlifting.  Art is an extremely accomplished lifter.  He is a 7 time World Powerlifting Champion (1999, 2010 – 2013 AWPC; 2003, 2014 WPC) and a 12 time National Powerlifting Champion (1999, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 AAPF; 2001, 2003, 2104 APF; 2005, 2006 USAPL; 2013 APF Deadlift).  He has set numerous State records and is the 7 time State Powerlifting Champion (1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2007 APF; 2007 USAPL).

Art’s extensive background makes him uniquely qualified to provide the services you need to meet your fitness goals.  His services include strength building, increased muscle mass, stress management, development of confidence and self-esteem, weight reduction and assistance with control of metabolic processes.  He has assisted many state, national and world champions in preparing to compete in powerlifting events.

Damon Fueri

Damon Fueri is a member of the National Association of Sports Medicine and holds multiple globally recognized personal training certifications.  Damon is a Senior Olympics Gold Medalist.  He has competed in over 160 races totaling more than 1,500 miles.   Damon’s philosophy is to move your body to the beat of your feet.   Damon offers a wide variety of services to his clients.  He conducts individual and group sessions  women, men, families, teenagers, children, toddlers, runners and amateur and professional athletes involved in all sports.  He conducts elite mater fitness sessions and provides health eating classes to his clients.

Bill Tocco

For those that grew up in the 1980s and owned a skateboard, the name Bill Tocco should sound familiar. Tocco — of Gordon & Smith, Gullwing, Hosoi, and Airwalk fame — made his living as a professional skateboarder in the mid-to-late 1980’s. But he did so in a pretty unconventional way. He didn’t just spend his time skating around different ramps. He also focused on nutrition and strength training to improve his career. In fact, he was once sponsored by Gold’s Gym Venice and was teammates with bodybuilding legend Gary Strydom.

Eventually, Tocco’s skating career led to an injury in his knee. While rehabbing, he lived in a hotel in Venice, California, and trained at his sponsor’s facility — The Gold’s Gym.  From bodybuilders like Shawn Ray and Aaron Baker to stars like Iggy Pop and Charlie Sheen, he always found himself among the famous.  It was also there that Tocco got even more into training and eventually decided to focus his efforts full-time at bodybuilding. He still hadn’t eaten junk food since he read that nutrition book while skating in his first year as a pro and his first bodybuilding competition was The Western Michigan in November 1992. He competed in the light heavyweight division, weighing just around 180 pounds. But after that first show, he was driven to add as much muscle as possible. At his heaviest, Tocco estimates he weighed close to 250 pounds. Now Bills goal is to help others especially competitors reach their peak and come in at the all-time best every time they step on stage.

My philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning as I work towards enhancing the well-being of my clients by empowering them with the knowledge, skills, support, guidance and resources to assist and inspire them on their journey to a healthier life.

Bill trains the true novice lifter that’s  brand new to lifting all the way to advance but specializes in training physique athletes that compete in bodybuilding and figure competitions.

Competitive record

  • 1992 Western Michigan 2nd place Light heavy weight
  • 2013 infinity fit Grand Prix 1st place Masters
  • 2015 Michigan state championships 1st place Masters 2nd place light heavyweight
  • 2016 Junior USA’s 10th place
  • 2016 Junior nationals 15th place
  • 2017 Central states bodybuilding championships
    • 1st place Masters And 1st place Open light heavyweight.

Notable members

Marissa Jinkoji – IFBB Pro

Flint/Mid. Michigan Championships: 4/17
Women’s Masters Physique – 1st Place
Women’s Physique – 1st Place 

Musclepharm NPC Nationals: 6/17
Women’s Physique 35 & Over – B – 3rd Place

NPC Universe: 6/18
Women’s Physique 40 & Over – A  – 1st Place
Women’s Physique 35 & Over – A – 1st Place
Women’s Open Physique – B – 1st Place

40 & Over Women’s Physique – 1st Place
35 & Over Women’s Physique – 1st Place

Helaina Barker – IFBB Pro


48 years old, breast cancer survivor of 13 years, personal trainer, pharmacist, and nutrition coach!

Oct 2017- IFBB Kentucky Muscle

July 2017- Turned pro at Masters Nationals